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Like one legend said “There is nothing like the unplanned trips”, but with some basic planning a trip can be a lifelong experience.

Planning a trip can be a headache job if you don’t have earlier experience and don’t know exactly where to start from and what are the things to consider. So today I am going to reveal our secret formula for the perfect trips.

Well there are three types of tour planning style for us,

  • Day trip or Road trip
  • Multi day short Trip ( revolves around 2-3 days at most )
  • Big Tour  ( we don’t plan for the larger than life family trip plans , for those we solely give the responsibility on the family heads; rest in better hands ) ,


By snatching some time from our busy life schedule we could mostly afford 3 day trips.  A Day tour or road trip takes 24 hour hardly.

Here I will let you know about planning of day tour and Multi day short tours , and maybe in near future we would get our family head to write for big tour planning , until then bear with us.
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A day trip generally starts from early morning but depending upon my partner’s wake up call it may vary , approximately we start at 8 o’clock which means we get ready and start at 8 AM at morning  with a heavy breakfast .


Before that day we choose and decide the place first , then we go and grab informations about that place from any media that can be internet to travel book ( Our own Favorite ‘Bhraman Sangi ‘ )  to local people. Trust me, local people can give you information about some very underrated place which you haven’t heard off but is awesome , like in Ooty from Local people I got the information about a haunted hotel which we visited later . Information can be like what is the distance of the place , how’s the weather , what to see there , the probable  expenses , what time the place is suitable for visiting etc.  When the information gathering part is done , you fix the time when to start. Have your small bag packed with small but important and necessary things which you may need in the daytime that can include water bottles , medicines ( some common ones like medicine for vomiting , dizziness , headache etc ) .  You can find more about important things and medicines to take in a trip in this page .


So after this small packing session we count the available cash in our hands and make sure to get at least the expenditure we have calculated previously , along with that a sum of 2k is kept in different place as a backup. And yes have good rest before the D day and have a good meal before starting the journey. That’s it , you are good to go 🙂

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Here comes the big deal !!! So at last you get a long weekend and want to do away with all the  tiresome brain activity , deployment , release , if-else-while-function and so on . At that time a perfect trip is the first thing which comes up in the mind and believe me your mind is telling the absolutely right thing.

When it comes to a multi day go away from society wala trip it requires little serious planning else everything can go wrong. Starting with choosing the place by gather information same as we do in day tours , we do look out for availability of transportation for going there and return ( actually return ticket is most important otherwise I have seen cases where it makes problem) . So as we get the tickets , we find scope of accommodation and having some look at the pictures available ( Thanks to Oyo !! )  or talking with the staffs we book the hotels.


Now the primary part is done so we go with packing things , which could be a messy job if you don’t do a smart packing rather than putting everything,  whatever you have into the bag , and keep moving the heavy baggage . For smart packing method you can look into another article by us here. Then you are set with all the important things packed and good to go. Some tips ,

  • Have hard copy of your tickets or hotel booking details.
  • Have food for the journey.
  • Have plenty of Water.
  • Have cash with you.
  • Make sure to have your mobile is fully charged when going out.
  • Have your Identity Proof with you.


That’s it !!! It’s that simple and easy , see I told you a little bit of focus and planning is what you need. Now go go go… Happy Voyaging.. 🙂

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