A day bike trip to Nandi Hills | One day Bike trip | HSR to Nandi Hills

A bike trip to Nandi Hills

It was a fine sunday morning, just woke up and talking to lazypanda about the day’s plan and all I remember is after 20 minutes we are at M.G Road quarreling over which turn to take while I am driving my FZ with her at back handling the maps. Well that’s how our sudden trip started.

We discussed few places and ended up with Nandi hills which surprisingly none of us had visited properly  after being in bangalore more than 2 years (p.s I visited Nandi Hills at 2 AM at night with some of my friends when we got a ghost sight, though wasn’t a very proper visit as it was night and rainy season ). While most of the people starts very early at morning to experience the sunrise at the Hills, We had a pass on that because of our late kick off. Started around 8 o’clock, first thing we did was a little packing of important things followed by a very short and quick snacks. It was 8.20 when we started from Agara , fed our beast fully (Full Tank ) and started on cruising on  NH 44 .


Important things to take on a Bike Trip to Nandi Hills ?

First and foremost is Water ! While you will find localities in road but still there’s some long stretches where you will be the sole traveler on the road, so you need some water with you, along with that it will be helpful if you can take some biscuits and chocolates. Also there aren’t any restaurants near Nandi Hills so better plan accordingly about whether to eat after the trip or on the way. If the later is you choice then I would suggest you to take some food.

Now to money part ,even though we are becoming Digital India , not all shops or people takes payment through any mobile wallet or cards. So better be lil old school and carry some cash.

Then have some good jacket on and as many suggest some fast aid kit. So those are the things you will need while riding towards the hill. And yes almost forgot to mention another most important thing, which is a fully charged Mobile and a Power Bank ( very helpful in road trips )  as most of you will  be going to have some Google map references, and trust me GPS is a real battery sucker.


Nandi Hills bike route: Which route to take for Nandi Hills on a Bike Trip and How’s the Road ?

There are three routes from Bangalore ( considering HSR / Agara is the starting point ) , While we took the road through Koramangala , which showed as least distance from HSR to Nandi hills, I will suggest you to take the road through Bellandur and Mahadevapura ( active route at right in the image )  as it will be less crowded ( on weekends :p ) .

Break at the base of Nandi Hills

Our Nandi Hills Trip story

So let’s come back to our travelogue, after a late start we went through Koramangala and National Highways and finally took a left to get into the village road ( Adarsh Road ). There were no distraction only one way to the destination. In the way we saw the inauguration of the Saina Nehwal and Dravid Sports center for excellence, which is really a remarkable institute. Then we had some snacks in the roadside coffee shop. After that we had only one break in the road beside the cabbage farms to get some photos of us. The road was not bad until the base of the hill considering it’s a village road. The hilly road was amazing to cruise , as it is really well maintained and clean. As we drove up we could feel the clean air with each deep breath. Again we stopped in the road for some wonderful pictures. The last 5 kilometers were really steep and full of twists and turns , while I was driving in 2nd gear at a max of 30km/hr speed, a opposite two wheeler nearly bumped into us which we avoided anyway, that driver was surely drunk. So one piece of advice here , please don’t drink and drive and also in the hilly roads always stick to the golden rules of riding – stick to left and horn before each turns , don’t try to overtake.

Finally after an amazing journey we reached the top at around 1.30 PM, parked our vehicle to see that so many people were already there. We took our tickets which cost around 10 rs per person.

Then we entered to see the Amrita Sarovar which is a minimum 40ft deep water body surrounded with a ancient construction. Clicked some pics and went on through the stairs through the jungle amongst the hill. Here’s one thing to clarify , the jungle is big and there are insects here and there so be little attentive while going up.

Monkeys… ehh…

When we reached the top , we saw, to our wonder some amazing bamboo houses and seats. We sat there for some moments in the meantime I started eating a pack of Hide and Seek while lazyPanda was checking her hair. When we started to get up suddenly I saw a monkey snatched the handbag of lazyPanda which she was holding at one side, it was a really amusing moment, I was about to laugh then she told everything’s there in it then I got back to senses and participated in the tug of war between the Monkey and Panda. :p Soon I realised what is going on, what happened was, actually after finishing half of the biscuit packet I kept it in her bag which the monkey saw, so he was after his most food. So took out the packet and gave him, he took it as if he was the respectful owner and left. As soon as he left I burst into a laughter followed by a punch from off course my bestie.


People were enjoying the show while sitting on the grass, having the fat lunch they brought with them. Yes Nandi Hills is really awesome place to have a family picnic. By the way by seeing them eating I felt rats running in my stomach , by hearing what my partner gave me an angry gaze, which might be a result of finishing her biscuit packet. Anyway we started to walk straight, the top flat portion was there in front of us. Two temples are there in the middle.



We took some photos in there after that went to the side of the hill which had a breathtaking view even though it was wall protected by walls. We roamed here and there and started going down. In here some small snacks, cold drinks and water is available but not solid food. And we were badly hungry so we started our return journey around 3.30 PM.  


On the way to nandi Hills (2)

By the time we reached plane roads, we both had our phone’s battery drained. Couple of wrong turns in the village roads made us little late, fortunately we found a small shop where we put charge for our mobile then we started again. Somehow we came to the national highway. Rush for going back to home , hungry stomach and tired faces were running through the Roads. In between we saw a plane went through our heads, we were surprised and saw people standing by the side of the bridge in the highway. So we stopped and found out the most popular Bangalore Aerosports – Microlight Flying at Jakkur Airfield, Yelahanka. We took some time there and saw the planes and balloons. It was an add on experience. After that we didn’t have any notable halt other than pathetic traffic jam at MG roads. Here I would like to suggest our fellow readers the route that I have mentioned at the very beginning of the article. We reached Agara at around 8 PM thanks to 3 hours of traffic from MG road to silk board.



It was a amazing one day trip, full of small memories. Please don’t miss Nandi Hills if you are at Bangalore. Stay Happy, Safe Journey.



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