About Us


We love to travel and explore new places. The idea behind creating this website is to spread the passion and love for traveling to others. We have share our own experiences so that it helps others to get an idea of different places. Photographs shared are taken by us. We will keep on updating our website with new places and with our new experiences. Hope everyone finds it useful to plan your trips.

The Team

Tripinfi started with ‘lazypanda’ , she is the captain of the ship while ‘jerrymouse’ is the sailor; together two best friends have started this one of it’s own kind organisation with the vision to enrich people about traveling.



A girl who loves to travel , fond of food and crazy about shopping.



A simple person with dreams, loves to build things.

Partnership , Feedback , Suggestions

We love to hear and always open to partnership and grow . Please let us know about your thoughts over Tripinfi  .

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