Best things to know about Kolkata – Part 1

Best Things to know about Kolkata part 1

It’s been long time we have been thinking to write about Kolkata, finally we’re into it. When we first started to think about what we should write there were so many things to write, then we came to the conclusion that we will release a series of articles about Kolkata starting with Best things to know about kolkata. Including the Ghost story in Kolkata, was an impromptu decision as you might want to get some chills too. So get on the Tram baby…

Best things to know about kolkata

Literature of Kolkata


” Kolkata has also been the pioneer city in Indian renaissance. It has long been known for its literary, artistic and revolutionary heritage. As the former capital of India, not only Kolkata, but Bengal was the birthplace of modern Indian literary, artistic and scholastic thought.”- wikipedia

Rabindranath Tagore had won Noble in the field of literature and in the fields of Cinema, Satyajit Ray was the first indian director to win an Oscar; his camera work and direction is still admired by the biggest moviemakers of today’s film industry. Not only these two, there are so many writers and artists who have won hearts through the time , some of them are – Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay , Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay , Najrul Islam , Premendo Mitra, Uttamkumar , Utpal Dutt, Budhadeb Guha and so on ( There are so many of them, I have included whoever’s name came to me at the moment when I am writing; please feel free to share your most liked writers too ) .

Literature of Kolkata



Personally I like Shirshendu Mukhopadhay’s novels a lot and would suggest anybody who is reading this article and can read bengali to read his work. Also while the world goes gaga over Ironman or Superman , in bengal there are Feluda – the private investigator , Byomkesh Bakshi – truthseeker , Ghonada – the adventurer cum storyteller and so many characters who have been inspiring the race over the decades.

Craze about Football and Cricket

People Are just crazy about football in bengal . They are so enthusiastic about Football and Cricket that there were never a day when a national or international sport has been played here and the stadium was not full. Speaking of which, the International Cricket Stadium in Kolkata, Eden Gardens is one of the largest Cricket stadiums in the World. Saurav Ganguly the former Captain of Indian Nation Cricket team resides here and looks after the development of cricket.

Football is something of an inborn talent inside everyone here. Everybody plays or tries to play and enjoys matches; mostly people gets divided into Brazil or Argentina fan clubs during World Cup and it seems to be a festive like event here, the houses or streets will be decorated with flag, posters of football players and there will be discussions everywhere.

 Street foods of Kolkata

Fast food in the busy streets of kolkata

Speaking of food, somebody named Kolkata as “City of Joy”, if I were that person, I would have named Kolkata as “City of Foods” (more specifically Fast Foods) , you will find almost every kind of food here and for fast food lovers it is a paradise. From phuchka, Churmur, Cutlet, Momo to bhelpuri, Jhalmasala, Singara, KachuriDahibada, Alu kabli,  Idly, Dosa, Poha everything you will get here and all of them will be top of the class in taste. The streets of Esplanade or College street are full of awesome street food stalls and all of them worth a try.

Being a fast food lover I maybe doing partiality by talking more about street foods, but the main courses of Kolkata are considered as one of the best and most loved dishes in India. While some preparations like Alu posto or Vapa Chingri or Elish mach or Macher kalia have been the Face of Bengal, the others like Cholar daal , Hinger kachuri , Ghugni , Polao etc are most loved among everyone. If you’re in kolkata, and you are a foodie ( if you are not, don’t read the next line else you will become one *grinning* ), my suggestion will be eat ( or try ) anything (being sold as eat-able,  off course) you see.

Window Shopping in the streets of Kolkata

Window shopping in the Streets of Kolkata

The best thing about Bengali’s is they knows how to shop, they very well knows the technique of Doradori / Dorkosha ( Bargaining ) and the entire Bengal loves shopping. In the free streets, New market, Dharmtala you can find a huge crowd in the evening. People say you can buy a needle to aeroplane in kolkata streets (not aeroplane though 😉 ), and it’s somewhat true , you will find almost everything you want to buy in whatever budget I repeat, in whatever budget you want.
If you’re bored, go out and be in the streets, window shopping will kick your boredom out.

Boating in the river ganges Kolkata

River Ganges in Kolkata

For the development of Kolkata City, the river Ganges has played a key role , however it’s called Hooghly River here. There are several Ghats ( Princep Ghat is one of the most prominent ) in the banks of the river, and now the state government has beautified the banks and created parks in the banks also like Milenium Park etc. There was a talk of having London eye like monument in the river banks which may take a while. But nothing is more amazing as compared to the boat rides in the river, it’s just an ecstatic feeling. Bay of Bengal is not far from Kolkata, for weekend getaways one can go to Mandarmani, which isn’t that far, read more about Mandarmani here. 

Here comes the end to the part 1 of our Guide to the awesome facts about Kolkata . Feel free to share your experience of Kolkata in comments.

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