Absorb The Beauty Of Hazaribagh At Canary Hill

Canary Hill located in Hazaribagh is worth visiting if you are truly in love with nature. Keep scrolling to know more about the history and facts, the best time to visit, things to go, where to stay, and a lot more about the mindblowing Canary Hill.

“I know I can’t own a hilltop, a meadow, or a mountainside. But keeping it a secret somehow makes it mine.”

― Joyce Rachelle

Indeed the quote is true but we do not want to keep this hill a secret.



Canary a beautiful hill located 5 km away from the city of Hazaribagh that treats your eyes with a dazzling view of the green and wild town.

Let’s not forget to mention that Hazaribagh is surrounded by thick forest and is rich in wildlife and also natural resources. Due to its greenery and pleasant weather, Hazaribagh was once considered as a health resort.

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The word Hazaribagh is derived from the Persian words ‘Hazar’ which means ‘Thousand’ and ‘Bagh’ which means ‘Garden’. Hence, Hazaribagh is known as the ‘City of Thousand Gardens’. So, now you can imagine the panoramic view Canary provides.

History And Facts

Canary Hill located at the height of 2019 feet was once the habitat of the Santal tribe who named it ‘kanhari’ which in Santhali language means ‘an arrow-head’. Later the name was changed to ‘Canary’.

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In the mid 20th century the place became well-known among the people of West Bengal and many renowned people build their summer house around the hill. Few still visit their summer houses to spend some quality time.

Many Bengali and Hindi films were shot here such as Grahan (1972) featuring Subhas Ghai.


Hazaribagh has always been a wildlife Richie and is still holding the throne proudly. In the 1980s, Canary hill was frequently visited by Wolves, Tigers, Hyenas, Elephants, and many more wild animals. It is also said that the hill has 18 caves where Tigers used to reside.

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Now to see the wildlife one has to visit the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary. However, a few years back, Hyenas were reportedly seen in the Jungle surrounding the hill.

Things To Do

Here are the few things to do in the beautiful Canary hill.

Watch Sunrise And Sunset

Canary is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset in the city. Sunrise in Hazaribagh happens around 5:04 AM in the summers and around 6:14 AM in the winters.

Whereas, sunset happens around 6:32 PM in the summers and 5:00 PM in the winters.

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Enjoy The View From The Observation Tower

You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire Hazaribagh from the tower. The view of the city from a height of 2019 ft is just mind-blowing. It makes you feel close to nature.

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Stall Around The Lakes

The hill has three lakes lined with a lush green park. You can walk around the lakes for a rejuvenating experience. Away from the chaos of the city, this place will surely make you calm.

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Relax At The Guest House

The hill has a guest house where you can relax. The guest house is reachable by vehicle and it is good for a stay over the weekends.

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Count The Steps

It may sound lame but we are sure you are definitely going to count it once you start climbing up. To make it a little easy, the place has around 600 stairs. So, good luck with the climb.

Caution: Elderly people and people with ailments may find it difficult to climb up the steep stairs.

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Canary Hill and the nearby areas have a tropical climate. The summer begins in the month of March and lasts till June. April and May are the hottest months with the temperature rising as high as 35 to 45-degree centigrade.

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Monsoon hails during the month of July to September. Winter lasts from November to February. December and January are the coldest months with the temperature falling as low as 8 degrees to 10 degrees centigrade.

Best Time To Visit

The best time visit is during the winter months i.e from November to February. Avoid visiting in the month of summer as the temperature is unpleasant. Also, avoid visiting in the monsoon as the stairs can get slippery.

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Nearest City

The Nearest City is Hazaribagh located at a distance of 5 KM.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest Railway Station is Hazaribagh Town Railway Station (Station Code: HZBN) located at a distance of 5.8 kM.

Nearest Airport

Nearest Domestic Airport is Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi located at a distance of 100 KM.

The nearest International Airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata located at a distance of 388 KM.

How To Reach

By Rail

Hazaribagh is well connected with trains. So you can board a train to Hazaribagh Town Railway Station (Station Code: HZBN) and after reaching book a cab or auto to Canary Hill.

The distance of Canary Hill from Hazaribagh Railway station

  • 5.8 km via Kumhartoli Parnala Rd
  • 6.5 km via Hazaribagh Tandwa Tangar Rd
  • 6.7 km via Canary Hill Rd
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By Air

Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi

Take a flight to Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi, and then board a train from Ranchi Junction (Station Code: RNC) to Hazaribagh Town Railway Station (Station Code: HZBN) or board a bus or rent a cab.

Ranchi To Hazaribagh By road

The distance of Ranchi to Hazaribagh

  • 95.3 km via NH20
  • 98.5 km via Barkagaon Sayal Rd

Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport, Kolkata

Take a flight to Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport, Kolkata, and then board a train from Howrah Junction (Station Code: HWH) to Hazaribagh Town Railway Station (Station Code: HZBN) or rent a cab. There is no bus service available between Kolkata and Hazaribagh.

Kolkata To Hazaribagh By road

  • 391.2 km via NH19
  • 433.3 km via NH320
  • 468.8 km via NH314

Is Canary Hill Safe For Tourists?

Canary Hill is a safe place to visit for the tourist though following certain tips will surely ensure a safe visit.

Tips For Visiting Canary Hill

  • As it is located at a distance from the city, it becomes isolated after the dusk, therefore, avoid visiting after sunset.
  • Avoid visiting alone, always be in a group.
  • The safest time to visit is between 6 am to 6 pm.
  • It is much safer to visit during the peak season, i.e December to February.
  • Carry water bottles, medicines, snacks, and other refreshments along.

Where To Stay

You can stay at the guest house in Canary Hill or can stay in Hazaribagh city. The city has many luxury and budget hotels and lodges.

Other Places To Visit Near Canary Hill

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