Dimna, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand – A perfect destination for day outing and family picnic

Dimna Lake

There are some wonderful places to visit in the Steel city during a single day time-span. Those are really great for picnics and family gatherings as well as great places for corporate outings in Jamshedpur. So here we are going to talk about 7 picnic spots and one-day outing places in Jamshedpur which you shouldn’t miss.

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How to reach Jamshedpur from Kolkata

Book tickets for the train from Howrah to Tatanagar ( Trains to reach Jamshedpur ). The best train is 12021/Howrah – Barbil Jan Shatabdi Express, the trains start at 6.20 and reaches Jamshedpur by 9.55. It’s a good journey; the train will be full of different kinds of people, there will be people coming with some food or snacks at each station. And if you get to sit by the window you will be amazed to see some great greenery and also Rupnarayan river at Kolaghat.

Dimna, Jamshedpur

Dimna Lake is a very popular place in Jamshedpur for the residents as well as people from West Bengal who goes there for a day of the outing. It is situated at the feet of Dalma forest. The place is surrounded by dense forest and water which makes it really an exclusive experience of nature in the midst of the jungle.

This dam is the primary source of water for the entire city. Here there will be places for seating where you can sit and see the dam water. Also at one side, a dense forest is there where one can visit too and can camp, near to this the TATA STEEL MANAGEMENT CENTER is there which can be seen from outside. Also, it is not allowed to swim in the lake, even you cannot go very close to it as there are fences.

What generally people do is with all packed foods they come here, chooses a decent place to sit together, does chitchat, roams around and have food. It’s a really nice place to hang out and play. Children will love this place also the parents will be amazed in the serenity of a peaceful environment. One can see the water gates here and have some cool photos having it in background.

A great thing about picnic at Dimna is you can cook over there also, before entering Dimna you will see some shops which rents out stoves and other cooking utensils also the necessary woods for cooking.

How to reach Dimna

You can book a car or use the local transports such as tempos our autos to reach there. The place is not very far from the center of the city, its around 15km. I would suggest having your own car ( rented too) cause that will allow you to have enough time and you can get things like food and games or books easily. People from West Bengal and Bihar go to Dimna via Bus as well but certainly, it’s available in nearby places.

Stay tuned. Happy Travelling. 🙂

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