Can We Use Earphones or Headphones While Driving In India?


It feels good and relaxing to listen to a piece of great music while driving cars or riding a bike. But in India, there have been instances when wearing earphones while riding a motorcycle has resulted in Fines and also sometimes seizing of that sound device. Let’s know the facts. 


Is riding a bike while listening to music illegal in India?

No, it is not illegal listening to music on earphones/headphones while driving any vehicle as there is no specific law in India regarding this. However, some of the Indian states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Kerala have laws that prohibit the use of any kind of digital communication device by the driver. 

In the Motor Vehicles Act India, Section 177 states that the use of mobile phones while driving is illegal and will cause a fine of a minimum of 100 to 300 rupees. Also if that causes any problem to other road users then there will be a penalty of rupees 1000.

How much fine you have to pay if you use Headphones/ Earphones while Driving in India? 

As said earlier there’s no particular fine amount specified in Indian Motor Act but one can get penalized for using cellphones on-road or end up paying for state law. Here is the table showing the fine amount for wearing earphones while being on the driver’s seat, 

Section Law Fine Amount
Motor Vehicles Act India, Section 177By any means, the driver shouldn’t use mobile phones on the road.Rupees 100 to Maximum Rupees 300 
230A of Karnataka Motor Vehicles RulesCellphones must not be used during driving/riding and need to be switched.Rupees 1000 or more
Section 250 (A) MMVR ( Mumbai ), r/w 177 M.V.Act,A driver while riding a bike or driving a car cannot use a phone. Rupees 500 or more
Section 184 of The Motor Vehicles Act If the police feel a certain rider is not riding in a safe manner. Rupees 100 fine and 6 months imprisonment. 

Is talking on Bluetooth while driving illegal in India?

No, But you might get fined for using a communication device ( as per section 188 ) or using a cellphone while driving ( according to section 177 ). In some states it’s illegal and your device can get seized along with the fine amount. It’s better to stop the vehicle when you get a call or need to do one.

Why you shouldn’t use earphones while riding/driving?


Music can be an amazing companion when traveling but if you are the driver then it becomes very dangerous as it becomes the wall between you and the ambiance. Here are some reasons, why one should avoid wearing headphones or any wearable sound equipment, 

  1. Earphones can be a reason for distractions which leads to accidents. Not only the driver or passengers ( or pillion ) but other fellow road dwellers can and will get affected by the smallest mistake by the distracted driver.
  2. Having one of your primal senses blocked when it is required the most can be a risky choice as the usage of an audio device on road can distant you from the real-time ambient sounds leading to a mistake.
  3. Having earbuds in-ear covered with a helmet can be very uncomfortable. It may seem very pleasing at first but in a 
  4. There can be instances when you get really lost in music or indulged in talking with someone, these things are something you can’t afford when on a vehicle as it risks both your and other rider’s life. 

Other Countries 

Most of the states in the USA allow riding or driving with any kind of music device which doesn’t block two ears of the driver, keeping him aware of surroundings. You can use earpods, earphones and even headphones ( if you can keep one ear free ).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use earphones while driving cars or riding bikes in Bangalore, Karnataka? 

No, It’s a punishable offense according to Section 230A of Karnataka Traffic Rules.

What is the fine amount for using Earphones/Headphones while driving cars or riding bikes in India? 

It can be rupees 100 to 2000 depending upon your riding quality. 

Will the traffic police seize earphones if caught listening to music in Headphones/Earphones while driving?  

Yes, some of the states in India have the law for it. However, in other states, if got caught in a dangerous manner of driving then the police can seize the audio device. 

Is listening to music in Headphones is illegal outside India? 

In some countries, Yes. 

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