Fighting Depression and A Ferry Ride On The Ganges, Kolkata

“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James

7th April was “World’s Health Day” and the theme for this year was “Depression”. In the recent survey conducted, it is found that more than 300 million people around the world suffers from depression and the situation is more worse in India. It has been found that 10% of the total population in India suffers from depression or anxiety; it is near to 40% in corporate India. 80% of the people in India who commits suicide, does it out of depression and anxiety; which is one person in every 15 minutes.

Sometimes, it happens that we feel completely low and depressed due to certain unavoidable events which occurs in our life. During such time, we hate being surrounded by people and also doesn’t want to discuss it with our family or best friends.

Everyone faces ups and downs in their life, but, committing suicide is not a right way to get out of a bad phase. One can think of many ways to keep themselves calm while facing emotional crisis.  It is advisable to indulge yourself in different kind of activities; do things which you like to do the most. You can read your favorite books, listen to your favorite playlist, dance, eat your favorite foods, go for shopping, movie or go for a trip etc. And when you finally feel relaxed, think about how to make yourself come out of such situations.


A Ferry Ride On The Ganges

Lately, I faced a similar situation. I wanted to be alone so I found myself a place where I can be away from all the tension and relax. But before that I made sure that the place is safe. In Kolkata, I could not think of a better place to relax than the banks of river Ganga. I took a cab and went directly to Howrah Ferry Ghat.

After I reached there, I bought a ticket and went for a ferry ride. Inspite of the seats being empty, I preferred to stand. The moment the ferry started to sail, I could feel the cold breeze of the Ganga touching my face. I was watching the river flow and suddenly I forgot all the mess which was running through my mind. I felt so relaxed and fresh.

It took only 10 minutes for the ferry to reach the other side of the river, but, by then I was back in a happy mood. I felt as if the serene water of Ganga and the cold breeze together have done some kind of magic on me.

After I reached the other side, I walked down the street for sometime and then bought a return ticket back to Howrah. By the time I returned, I was happy , cheerful and my mind was fresh to take certain important decisions.

So, whenever you feel stressed, depressed or lost, Tripinfi suggests you to take some time out for yourself and go for a small trip. It will make you relax and would help you to be back to normal.

Life is precious. Life is sacred. And it ought so to be observed. – Gordon B. Hinckley Life

Mandarmani is another such kind of place which will help you to rejuvenate.

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