Goa is On – 2017’s first trip of Tripinfi

Goa Trip

The best thing about 2017 is you have long weekends almost in every month.. This is the first one and therefore we couldn’t deprive ourselves from going on a trip.. Any guesses for where we are traveling this time?? Let me tell you; we are going to the most happening place of India and it is none other than “GOA”…….

27th January, 11 AM

Lazypandas’s log :

I am sitting in the airport and writing the blog to keep you updated.. I am traveling from Hyderabad to Bangalore in Air Asia where I will meet JerryMouse and will make our journey together to Goa in a bus. By following  these simple steps we booked much cheap bus and flight tickets. We will be reaching Goa tomorrow morning..

28th January, 2 AM 

JerryMouse’ s log :

It’s 2 o clock , we are in the bus , LazyPanda has slept, but I am not able to sleep as the constant jerking and breaks have been interrupting me from having a knot with the sleep.

It was 1.50pm when LazyPanda landed in Bangalore, then we came to majestic as our bus pickup was from there. We were very hungry, so we had late lunch at Empire and still we had 2 hours to board our bus therefore, we checked in Maps and went to Aisharya mall; unfortunately it was closed. ( from the previous day i had problems with gmap; travelled 40 km in search of a place named Begur fort and when I reached the place, there was nothing -_- , anyway LazyPanda blames me for not enquiring more about the place, while my excuse is , I love adventure :p ) .

After that we came to our pick up point and waited in the bus office ( LazyPanda’s fav Sugama ) .  Around 7.45 the bus came, and we began our journey at 8.

Signing off now .. Till then you can read our mysore trip story , will come back shortly with full trip story. 😉

Update :-

We have updated the Goa trip on our website .

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