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Nature has its own mysteries and if you want to witness some of them, Jharkhand is the right place for you. One such nature’s bliss is Gobarsili hill located in Palkot block in the Gumla district of Jharkhand. Keep reading to know about the mysterious Gobarsili hill in Palkot.

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Gobarsili Hill is a curious tourist spot located about 25 Km away from the block headquarter. The main attraction is the five huge rocks piled up upon each other in an awkward position.

The rocks are positioned in a beautiful backdrop which makes it picture-perfect for your Instagram handle.

Instagram Handle: mundaashoksingh
Instagram Handle: mundaashoksingh

The Mystery behind Gobarsili hill

The giant rocks stand firm on the hill, irrespective of earthquakes or cyclones for ages as if it has been fixed together.

The local people have their own beliefs about the mysterious rocks. According to the localities, an old woman used to collect cow dungs in a basket every day and used to dispose of near the hill.

One day, when the old woman did not return after disposing of the cow dungs, the local people went in search of her. When they reached the mountain, they were surprised to see the pile of giant rocks. The villagers had no idea how the rocks came up the hill out of nowhere.

Rocks in Gobarsili
Rocks in Gobarsili

When they looked carefully, they were amazed by the structure of the rocks as it resembled the old woman carrying the cow dungs. According to the villagers, the lower rock is the woman, the middle rock is the basket, and the three small rocks on the top are the cow dungs.

Hence, they named the hill Gobarsili (Cowdung: Gobar- Hindi) which means hill of cow dungs.

What science has to say?

According to science, the rocks are attached to each other due to natural magnetic attraction and the force is so strong that it is not possible to remove the rocks.

Other local beliefs

Few locals believe the rocks to be Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Also, Some believe that if you are able to throw a stone across the rocks then your wish is likely to get fulfilled. Others believe that if you are able to move the rock slightly with your little finger than whatever you wish will be fulfilled. To find out if it really works, you need to try out yourself.

Instagram Handle: mundaashoksingh
Instagram Handle: mundaashoksingh

Weather at Gobarsili hill

Sub Tropical climate prevails in the district of Gumla. Summers range from the month of March to June with the temperature ranging between 30 to 45-degree centigrade. The hottest months are April and May.

The rainy season begins in the month of July and continues till the month of September, with an average rainfall level of 1,150 mm.

The winter season ranges between November to February with the temperature dropping as low as 5 to 10 degrees centigrades. The coldest months are December and January.

Instagram Handle: mundaashoksingh
Instagram Handle: mundaashoksingh

Best time to visit Gobarsili hill

The best time to visit Gobarsili Hills is during the winter months ie between the month of November to February. The temperature is cooler during winters which makes it an ideal time for a visit.

Nearest Town to Gobarsili hill

Gumla is the nearest town located at a distance of 25.8 km from Palkot via NH143.

Nearest Railway Station to Gobarsili hill

The nearest railway station is Lohardaga (station code: LAD), located at a distance of 60 km from Palkot via NH43 and NH143.


Nearest Airport to Gobarsili hill

The nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi located at a distance of 100.3 km from Palkot via Khunti – Simdega Rd/Tamar – Khunti – Kolebira Rd.

How to reach Gobarsili hill from Kolkata?

By Rail

There are no direct trains between Howrah Junction and the nearest station Lohardaga. So, you can board a train from Howrah Junction to Ranchi Junction and then board another train from Ranchi Junction to Lohardaga which is a one and a half hours journey. After getting down at Lohardaga book a cab to Palkot.

The distance between Lohardaga Railway Station to Palkot

  • 60 km from Palkot via NH43 and NH143.

By Road

You can self-drive from Kolkata to Palkot or book a rental cab from Kolkata.

The distance between Kolkata to Palkot

Gobarsili Hill
Gobarsili Hill
  • 471.1 km via NH18
  • 526.0 km via NH19
  • 486.9 km via NH314

By Air

Take a flight from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata to Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi. It takes approx one to one and a half hours to reach Ranchi by air. After reaching take a cab from the airport to Palkot.

The distance between Birsa Munda Airport to Palkot

  • 100.3 km via Khunti – Simdega Rd/Tamar – Khunti – Kolebira Rd
  • 111.5 km via Khunti Rd
Instagram Handle: mundaashoksingh
Instagram Handle: mundaashoksingh

Is Gobarsili hill safe for tourists?

Gobarsili hill is very much safe for tourists. However, the following tips will help you to have a safe and sound visit.

Tips for visiting

  • As the hill is located at a distance from the main town, it becomes isolated after 4 pm, therefore, avoid visiting the fall after sunset.
  • Avoid visiting the hill alone, always be in a group.
  • The safest time to visit is between 6 am to 4 pm.
  • It is much safer to visit the hill during the peak season, i.e November to February.
  • Carry water bottles, medicines, snacks, and other refreshments along.

Are there resturants near Gobarsili hill?

No, there are no restaurants or food kiosks near Gobarsili hill, and therefore carry water bottles, medicines, snacks, and other refreshments along. However, there are small restaurants on the way to Palkot.

Where to stay while visiting Gobarsili hill?

One can stay in Gumla which is the nearest town from the hill. The town has budget hotels and lodges which will be convenient for a stay if you visit Gobarsili Hill.

Other places to visit near Gobarsili hill

  • Palkot wildlife sanctuary
  • Ghorlata hill cave
  • Malmalpur
  • Shitalpur
  • Pandulata
  • Rakastongri
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