Golpahari Mata Temple, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Golpahari Mata Temple

Golpahari Mata Temple, also known as Pahari Mata Mandir is located at a hilltop having a height of 600 feet, in the Parsudih area of Jamshedpur. The temple is dedicated to Pahari Ma, the goddess of the Mountains. The temple is believed to exist since 1900 and is considered highly auspicious among the locals. It is believed that the goddesses grant every wish of the devotees. This is one of the most famous places in Jharkhand.

Golpahari Mata Temple History

The temple has a very significant history. It is said that, in the year 1900, a woman called Ramdai Devi along with her daughter Yashoda came to stay in Jamshedpur from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Jamshedpur was known as Sakchi during that period. She along with her daughter started staying in a small hut at the bottom of the hill.

Golpahari Mata Temple, also known as Pahari Mata Mandir
Pahari Mata Temple History

One night Ramdai Devi saw a dream in which the goddess appeared in front of her, and told her that at the top of the hill, is a stone idol that Ramdai must worship daily. The next morning as soon as the sunrise, Ramdai climbed up the hill and was amazed to find a stone under a tree, in which two eyes were carved. Ramdai was astonished to see her dream come true and from that day onwards she started worshipping the idol and later constructed a temple.

The news got spread among the locals and people started visiting the temple in large numbers. It is also said that Ramdai was gifted with a special power by the goddess as she could say the fortune of the devotees only by looking at them. After Ramdai, the temple is being managed by the women members of her family and also has an idol of Ramdai installed. It is still believed by the locals that the goddess appears in their dream whenever they face any problems or struggle in their lives. So this was the story of Golpahari Mata Temple.

Idol of Gopahari Ma
Golpahari Mata Temple only allows female priests

Another fact about the Golpahari Mata Temple is that it only allows women priests. The other temples which reside at the hilltop along with the main temple are Lord Jagannath Temple, Lord Shiva Temple, Goddess Durga Temple, Lord Ganesh Temple, and Lord Hanuman Temple.

The devotees have to climb more than 200 steps to reach the temple. The entire city can be seen from this place, as it is one of the highest points of the city.

Devotees who want to visit the temple need not worry as there are many small shops selling each and everything required to perform a puja.

Golpahari Mata Temple Timing

The temple remains open from 5 am to 12 pm and later closes to offer bhog to the goddess and again re-opens from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Pahari Ma, the goddess of the Mountains

The railway station of the city, Tatanagar Jn is just 1.5 km away from the temple, via Jamshedpur – Keonjhar Hwy/Station Rd/Tata – Hata Main Rd. Cabs and Autos are available outside the station.

Distance from nearby cities and towns:

DIstance of Golpahari Mata Temple from Jharkhand
DIstance of Golpahari Mata Temple from Jharkhand
  • Distance from Ghatshila, Jharkahnd : 41.7 km via Jamshedpur – Musabani Rd.
  • Distance from Chakulia, Jharkhand: 76.2 km via Dhalbhumgarh Rd and Jamshedpur – Musabani Rd.
  • Distance from Purulia, West Bengal: 86.1 km via Barabazar- Gorsai- Bamundiha- Chakaltor Rd and Barabhum- Banduan- Bandi- Dimna Lake- Tata – Jamshedpur- Deoghar Rd.
  • Distance from Jhargram, West Bengal: 110.8 km via Jamshedpur – Musabani Rd.
  • Distance from Ranchi, Jharkhand: 131.0 km via NH43.
  • Distance from Bankura, West Bengal: 139.2 km via SH 2.
  • Distance from Kharagpur, West Bengal: 148.0 km via NH49 and NH18.
  • Distance from Kolkata, West Bengal: 272.7 km via NH16.

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