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An ultimate guide for Himalayan trek for beginners - Tripinfi

Want to go on trekking? What will be better than the Himalayas? The tall, standing, snow-covered mountains in the north of India with extremely beautiful, breathtaking landscape, is where you should trek must. The Himalayas indeed is the “Crown of India”. The Himalayas would a perfect place with magnificent scenery and large enormous mountains. They are just heaven, divinely touched. It would be fun and egg-citing to trek these. So, we will be sharing with you tips and tricks, for getting ready for your Himalayan trek. It would be for novice or beginners. So, let’s begin.

Guide To Prepare For Your First Himalayan Trek

  • Guide: This is the most important thing if it is your first trip or you are a beginner then go for trekking with a guide or with trained groups. You can hire one guide or less go with the professional trekking group.
  • Physical Fitness: Trekking needs you to pay extra focus on your fitness. It demands extra from your side. You should follow a strict diet and fitness regime at least 3 months before the trek. You should focus on aerobic fitness (breathing exercises) as when altitude increases it becomes difficult for us to breath. Secondly, endurance and strengthing training, as you have to walk for long and climb slopes. You will be going against the gravity so require good physique and power. Thirdly take training specifically for trekking.
  • Research Well: Do intensive research about the place you are going for trekking in the Himalayas. Explore about its weather conditions, elevation, steepness, the best time to visit etc. For this you can learn about the experiences of the trekkers from blogs, books or you can meet them directly.              
  • Backpack And Day Packs: (50-60 litre) choose a correct, waterproof, durable. Big- sized bag with different compartments in it. Don’t go for cheaper options, get one of a good brand. You can go for Lowe Alpine Airzone Trekplus, Deuter Futura Vario 50+10, Osprey Stratos. Also, have a day- back with yourself. Carry rain covers with these two.
  • Clothing: This is what you should pay attention to keep fleece jackets, woollen caps, sun cap, balaclava, neck gaiters, T-shirts trek pants, thermal inners, trousers, and woollen gloves comfortable undergarments. This should be wind and waterproof.
  • Footwear: Trekking shoes, gaiters, gumboots, woollen socks are a must. These should be of good quality and brand. Invest your money on such products.
  • Medical Kit: This is highly important. Keep a first- aid kit with yourself. It can have common medicines, ointments, Band-aid, sprays, cotton etc. You can consult your doctor regarding medicines to keep. Also, get your check-up done before the trek and get a medically fit certification.
Necessary clothing for Himalayan Trek - Tripinfi
Necessary clothing for Himalayan Trek

Must Carry Accessories and Necessary Items For A Himalayan Trek

  • Walking sticks (optional)
  •  Head torch or hand torch, it could be very helpful especially after sunset or during night time. 
  • Water bottle (min 2 of one litre each), Carry a strong bottle of Milton, Borosil or hydro flask wide mouth etc. You can go and refill the bottle from streams or rivers, keep alum or other water purifying tablets with yourself. Drink enough water while trekking, you may not feel thirsty but drink it as energy is lost while you move even a little. Moreover, it can help prevent cramps and oxygen in water compensates the low level of oxygen at higher altitudes.
  • Snacks (dry fruits and nuts, energy bars, wafers, fresh fruits such as apple, bananas, oranges, electrol etc), also do not take heavy meals, take light meals, drink a lot of liquids. Make sure to drink at least 4-5 litres of water every day. Avoid alcohol as it will lead to dehydration and is also a cause for altitude sickness.
  • Compass: One should carry this. It will surely help you with navigation.

  • Sunscreen Lotion: it is essential to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.
  • Moisturiser and lip balm, to avoid dry, rough skin and chapped lips.
  • Hand sanitizer: This is very much required, as you will come in contact with so many things, so use it and whenever possible.
  • Toilet papers and wipes: keep toilet rolls, tissues and wipes in your bag. Don’t throw these here and there
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: For your dental hygiene.
  • Cell phone and charger: To have your loved ones at your palm.
  • Camera: So that you do not miss to capture the beauty of Himalayas.
  • Batteries, adopter, power bank: keep enough batteries of phone, torch etc with you.
  • ORS to fight sickness, illness etc.

Essential Checklist for Trekking

Essential Checklist for Himalayan Trekking
Essential Checklist for Himalayan Trekking
  • Pack your bag wisely, efficiently. Organise it properly. The key is to keep the weight centred and close to your body.
  • Keep in touch/in-contact with your group or guide Do not alone go out and roam. Learn about signals or unless how to ask for help in the worst case, as weather is unpredictable. In short, be ready for good and bad both. Also, keep emergency contacts saved in your phone.
  • Altitude sickness, fatigue is common. Make sure you know about it, what its symptoms, treatment are and how to avoid it. You can refer to this link for more info regarding this.
  • You know your body, your strength, and your capability best. Do not push yourself or don’t pressurise your body to move or trek, if you are not able to. Take a break, relax little and then continue. 
  • Keep in mind that trekking requires you to be physically as well as mentally fit. So, work on these two aspects and make yourself strong.

Also, make sure to be a responsible citizen of this world. Contribute to making this earth a beautiful place to live in. Keep Himalaya’s clean, green place. Do not use plastics and do not litter the place. Instead, carry a bag and keep the trash in it. You can also collect and keep in it the trash that you find on your way. Carry re-usable plate, lunch box, cups etc.

So, be prepared, hope for the best and enjoy your trek. See bewitching views and colours of the Himalayas. Go, and get yourself lost in its beauty. Love its magic. Come, Himalaya is waiting for you


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