Travel With Baby Like A Pro, Essential Things To Carry While Travelling With Infants

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Planning to go out on travelling with a toddler, and a little apprehensive? Yes, travelling with a baby is not a cakewalk indeed but little planning and care can make things easier for you. At first, you need to make a proper list, it should be of things that you should pack. Initially, when you start it may seem a long list and you may find yourself in a situation wherein you will feel that you should carry this also and that also, you will feel everything is important.

So, no need of worrying or being anxious, because to make things easier for you I am going share a list of things that you should carry with yourself while you are on a go with baby. With these things travelling with your lovely baby will be fun, enjoyable and memorable. These memories you’ll always cherish upon. So, let’s dive into this.

Things To Carry While Travelling With A Baby

1. Carry Extra Clothes

Keep more sets of clothes with you. The clothes should be comfortable for the baby. They should not be too skin-tight. Extra clothes should be fetched in case your baby spills food or if the diapers leak.

2. Sterilised Bottle

You can keep a few sterilised bottles for water and milk. You can keep milk formula and any other such packed ready to have food item.  Also if you want and have space in your bag then you could carry cutlery like spoons and small bowls just a few pieces, otherwise, no need of taking tension as these are readily available in hotels or resorts etc.

3. Disposable Bags

These could be of great use to throw cutlery, or spoiled baby’s food, or used diapers etc. So do not forget to pack disposal bags.

4. Books and Toys

Coloured books or toys can be a great companion of the tiny tots. They could play with toys or go through these colourfully illustrated books and amuse themselves, and meanwhile, at that time you could also take a break and relax.

5. Diapers

Diapers are a must. They will be your baby’s companion who will keep the little one fresh and dry and then happy but don’t forget to change it at regular intervals.

Essential things to pack while travelling with a baby - Tripinfi
Essential things to pack while travelling with a baby

6. Medicines and First-aid

Keep a kit of baby’s medicines and also bandages, ointment, cotton etc with you. You can also keep rashes cream in the kit.

7. Blanket

Carrying a blanket is a very wise decision. You can use it to keep the baby warm or to lay down the baby for rolling and playing or for sleeping on it.

8. Baby Foods

Now, this is something that could be readily available. So, no need of being too much be prepared in this case but surely you can carry some food with yourself to let the baby munch upon like puffs, porridge, dry fruits especially raisins and figs(these are not too hard to eat)and fruits. Keep foodstuffs that are not too big in pieces and can be chewed easily. You could also go for chewies, sweets etc.

9. Toiletries

Most of the hotels and resorts or hostels can provide you with soaps and shampoos etc, but it is advisable to have with yourself the shampoos, bath washes, soaps that your baby uses, otherwise they could be allergic on irritating for the baby. But, keep sure to carry only the quantity that much required. Go for small sashes or pouches and not for big bottles.

10. Handkerchiefs

Now, this is a very obvious one. Pack a bunch of handkerchiefs with yourself. They could be used at times of need.

Things to carry while travelling with a baby - Tripinfi
Things to carry while travelling with a baby

11. Slippers, Shoes and Socks

Fetch slippers with yourself for the baby, you can even keep one or two shoes or fancy sandals, but don’t go for too many pairs. Keep one pair of each category. Keep it short (little) and sweet.

12. Hat

A hat could be a great idea to make the baby look adorable or unless to protect him/her from sunlight. Pack a few fancy hats for the cutie pie and you are good to go.

13. Baby Wipes

These are very important. It can be highly helpful to keep the baby clean and fresh. These are widely available in the markets, you can buy scented or non-scented one as per your choice.

14. Sanitizer

Sanitizer could be very helpful, in case water is not available. Take a small amount of it in your palm and rub your whole hand properly and here you are highly safe from the bacteria. The sanitizer will be your saviour from the bacteria and viruses.

15. Cell phone, Charger, Local SIM

Now, this is the most obvious but significant one. Keep your cell phone charged up. You can even keep an adapter and power bank in your bag pack. It would be great to buy a local SIM for the place you are going to. Also, save emergency contact numbers in the cell phone or you can also keep a record of this in a small portable diary.

16. Playmate

Imagine how much fun it would be for the toddler to cuddle and play on the mat? Yes, isn’t it? So, fetch one and let the baby roll and enjoy it.

Travel with a baby like a pro - Tripinfu
Travel with a baby like a pro

I hope that your search regarding things to carry with the baby while travelling would have come to rest with this article. Travelling with a baby is not easy as I have written earlier also, and you surely deserve much praise for this. Tiredness, exhaustion can occur and constant vigilance is required. You need to keep your eyes and ears always open like a swift squirrel, but, at the end of the day, the thing you will cherish the most will be your journey, your “yatra” with the baby, your memories. So, treasure these. 

One more thing, I have provided you with this list, but if you will go on journeys you will grasp what all stuff you should carry, and definitely, you will become an expert on this topic, but with experience. So, go out enjoy, have fun. This was all from my side. Have a happy, safe trip. Good luck! 


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