Hathi Kheda Mandir, Lawjara, Jharkhand and the Mystery Attached

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The Hathi Kheda Temple, in the Dalma area of Jharkhand, is a Hindu Tribal Temple with the idols of Elephants rather than any God or Goddess in Hindu Mythology. In this post, we will talk about how Hathi Keda Mandir is a one of a kind temple in the whole world.


Why Hathi Kheda Temple, Lawjara is Famous?

Elephant Rampage is a very common site in the villages of Jharkhand. Elephants are said to have claimed more than thousands of life, destroyed many houses and crops in and around the villages of Jharkhand.

But among all these villages, the elephants have some special affection with the villagers of Lawjora in the Singhbhum forest. It is said that till date there has been no report registered of elephant rampage in this particular village.

It is a sort of miracle that when other surrounding villages have been witness to so many cases of elephant rampage, Lawjora has been spared of the terror. Yes and this makes everyone curious to know the mystery behind the Lawjora village.

Haathi Kheda Mandir - Tripinfi - Travel till infinity
Hathi Kheda Temple Outside

Story of Hathi Kheda Mandir

Lawjora village is situated in the Dalma wildlife sanctuary and is surrounded by wild elephants all through the year. It is said that hundreds of years ago elephants used to create havoc in the village.

To put an end to this, a saint installed a clay idol and started the ritual of elephant worship here and it is believed that since then the jumbo menace stopped in Lawjora. Later a temple was built and it was named “Hathi Kheda Mandir”.

So, whenever wild elephants make a visit to Lawjara, the villagers start invoking Hathi Kheda baba in the temple and the elephants go away. This temple in the state of Jharkhand does not have idols of any god but has a couple of elephant idols.

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Elephant idols at Hathi kheda mandir

Things to do

The temple has become a very famous place of worship and a one day trip for the people of Jharkhand. It is a beautiful temple where you can actually feel the nature and experience a village environment.

You can also buy fresh vegetables from outside the temple. For people like me who love to experience village life, it is a perfect place to spend a day. It is a complete package of nature and spirituality.

In winters, it a perfect spot for picnickers who live in and around Jamshedpur; picnic in the wild sounds so serene. You can also cook food in the wild.


The temple is located in the village and therefore you may not get any modern amenities, so, it is advisable to carry water bottles, food, medicines, etc with yourself. And if you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to admire the wild elephants also.

Note: There are certain restrictions regarding female devotees having prasad, so it advisable to have a talk with the temple authorities. 

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How to reach Hathi Kheda mandir, Jamshedpur

The distance of Hathi Kheda mandir from various places by road,

  1. Jamshedpur 40.5km,
  2. Purulia 46.2km,
  3. Ranchi 144.1km,
  4. Kolkata 299.3km

Hathi Kheda Mandir from Jamshedpur

So if you are traveling from Jamshedpur or Purulia then you can go by your own modes of transport like a car or bike. But for others I would recommend coming to Jamshedpur first then you can visit the place by renting a car.

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Places to Visit Near Hathi Kheda Mandir, Lawjara

There are a lot of great places near and around Hathi Kheda Temple, such as –

Are you planning to go to Hathi Kheda mandir?

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