How to book hotels online – Cheapest and Safest way

Traveling is a blessing and by the grace of God, one can really enjoy the journey more than the destination. In the meantime, everyone needs a base; a place between a tour where one can reside temporarily, a Hotel. One of the most vital parts of a tour planning is booking a hotel, and this post is not only for tour-specific, but it’s also for everyone who is going to book a hotel in a smart way online.

“safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi” – aye dil hai muskil song

When you are going to book hotels online you may be confused by the offers and price ranges but you should watch out for the reliability, safety, and services available while booking a hotel.

As we are frequent travelers, we have come across the difficulty of perfect online hotel booking and got to know about how can good hotels be booked online for reasonable price as well as guarantees safety and services.

How to book hotels online

Be calm, look around

Don’t be furious, just take a deep breath and dive into the sea of information, have a look at the websites which provides hotels (please have a look at top 5 hotel booking websites in India). Check for the price and availability by using the sort and filter features, but have a look at the pictures of rooms especially washrooms :p.

discounts in india
Discounts in Hotels in India

Look for Offers

While checking for hotels make sure you are availing the benefits of the competitive market which makes the websites and apps come up with new offers. Those are very attractive when used smartly.

Be Early

Well in this busy schedule of life, nobody plans a trip in advance, it’s always a last minute plan, but as the hotel prices are dynamic, it increases when you book at the end moment. That’s why being an early bird ( which is again subject to your schedules :/ ) can save you a handsome amount of money.

Talk Directly

talk-directly-while-booking hotels-online
Talk with the hotel while booking online

So you have come across a good hotel online and you are going to book it right now, take a chill pill and contact the hotel directly first. The reason is sometimes the app or websites confirms the booking but the hotels may be out of rooms and couldn’t confirm, in that case, due to miscommunication it can happen that when you go there the hotel may deny the booking which is neither hotel’s fault nor the booking platform’s; it’s just an absence of communication ( This happened with us once, luckily the platform from where we booked rectified their mistake and had given us an upgraded property).

What people are saying

Needless to say, that people who shops or books online always look up to fellow customers who had already booked the same property and have given their precious views in the review.

Stay out / Stays

Some of the websites has started cheaper hotels and staying services called Stay out or Stays, some of those are really good, watch out for those as well.

Some other tips

  • If possible don’t make the payment while booking, let the booking be confirmed and pay in person at the hotel provided that the vendor offers this facility.

    Online hotel booking tips
    Online hotel booking tips

    It is advisable because sometimes when you book hotels and pay in advance, it can happen that some offers may be introduced afterward, which may be more beneficial in terms of money or whatsoever but your previous booking cancellation policy doesn’t give the assurance of 100% refund. And it happens, so in that case, you can avoid unnecessary regret and biting your nails ( unhealthy 🙁  by simply choosing the option of paying later at the hotel.

  • Use smart transaction, Mobile wallets or Credit card offers. For this you have to check the payment offers in the site’s offer section.
  • Go for packages as hotels and tickets get cheaper.

Apart from these tips if you want to know more about cheap hotel booking sites and flight and hotel booking online then head towards our Travel Guides.

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