5 Best Places To Try Waffles In Jamshedpur

“Surround yourself with waffles, not negativity.” Yeah! the sweet and creamy Belgium delicacy is something we can never have enough of. So how do you love your waffles, thin and crispy, soft and fluffy, sweet, or savory?

Craving already? We’ve put together a list of our favorite waffle spots in the city for you to check out. Thank us later!

American Waffle House

The crispy chocolaty waffles at American Waffle House topped with ice creams and fruits of your choice are making a great name all over the country. They also have warm brownies, sundaes, crushers, and milkshakes to go with your favorite waffles.

Where: Shop 7, Indu Bhawan, Pennar Road, Aambagan, Sakchi
When: 11am – 11:30pm
Price: Rs. 400 for two people
Contact: +91 8820380370

The Belgian Waffle Co.

Why one layer of chocolate when you can have double? Oh, wait! What about triple? Yes, you heard it right this place has a triple chocolate waffle in its menu. Also, for the health-conscious gang, they have options for sugar-free waffles.

Where: Shop 2, Ground Floor, Rishab Shanti Apartment, Aambagan Road, Sakchi
When: 11am – 11pm
Price: Rs 300 for two people
Contact: +91 6200183023

The Chocolate Room

Who doesn’t want their Waffles with their own choice of maple syrup or melted chocolate? You say it and they have it. Enjoy the best of both worlds by ordering waffles with their Chocolate Molten Pudding Sundae.

Where: Contractors Area, Near The Sonnet Hotel, Bistupur
When: 11am – 11pm
Price: Rs. 600 for two people 
Contact: +91 657 2433111

TDC The Dutch Cafe

While you are at TDC The Dutch Cafe with your hang, do try out the Nutella and Nuts waffles, Kitkat Crunch waffles, and Dark chocolate waffles. This place also has a variety of cocktails and thick shakes to go with your waffles.

Where: Aviskar Tower, 1st Floor, Contractors Area, Bistupur
When: 10:30am – 10pm
Price: Rs. 200 for two people
Contact: +91 9709251544


A popular dessert spot in Bistupur, try out some simpler options of waffles here. Pair your waffles with smoothies, brownies, and shakes. This place is a delight to sink your teeth into!

Where: 3rd Floor, P&M Hi-Tech City Center Mall, Bistupur
When: 11am – 11pm
Price: Rs. 300 for two people
Contact: +91 9711991415

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