21 Amazing Pictures Of June 2020 Solar Eclipse Taken From Different Parts Of India


June 21, 2020: A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are aligned in a straight line such that the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth blocking the sun rays from directly reaching the Earth. The solar eclipse is generally of three kinds total, partial, and annular based on the alignment.

The solar eclipse we witnessed today was an annular eclipse where the Moon is so far from Earth that its relative size fails to cover the Sun completely and leaves the outer rims visible, thus creating a ring of fire in the sky. 

The eclipse was visible from Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, parts of Europe and Australia. It was visible from 9:15 AM IST to 3:04 PM IST and the maximum eclipse took place at 12:10 IST.

Here are 21 awesome pictures June 2020 Solar Eclipse Taken From Different Parts Of India

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(Swipe to see all images) Mistook, misunderstood, misconstrued The love between the sun & moon Was nothing the world perceived it to be. Two individual circles Complete in themselves Codependent only for life to thrive Theirs was a love that respected space And still met in unique ways in the skies. . .. Pictures of Annual Solar eclipse, 21st June 2020 From Pune, India. . . Copyright: Prasad Gawande (@click.prasad21g) 📍 Location: Pune, Maharashtra ———————————————————————— Shot on @nikonindiaofficial 📸 Nikon CoolPix P900 ———————————————————————— To See New Content, Follow Now 👉 @click.prasad21g Feel free to share the post in your story. Don't forget to mention @click.prasad21g ———————————————————————– ❤ Double Tap 💬Comments 🔀 share 🔔Turn On Post Notification .. #solareclipse #solareclipse2020 #universetoday #astrophotography #solareclipseindia .. #photographylovers #photographersofinstagram #photographers_of_india #photoscapeofthemonth .. #streetphotographyindia #everydayindia #mypixeldiary #photooftheday .. #tripotocommunity #lonelyplanetindia #shutterhubindia #indiapictures #indianphotography #storiesofindia .. #nikonphoto #natgeoyourshot #elitepune #CaptureTomorrow #yourshotphotographer ..

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