Kalyaneshwari Temple, Asansol – A Travel Guide To The Holy Shrine

Kalyaneshwari Temple, Asansol, West Bengal

Located at Kalyaneshwari in the Asansol subdivision of the Bardhaman district of West Bengal, Kalyaneshwari Temple is a 500-year-old famous temple and one of the oldest temples of Asansol.

Maa Kalyaneshwari, a form of Goddess ‘Kali’ or ‘Shakti’ who is believed to be a living deity is worshipped by the locals in this ancient temple which is flooded by thousands of devotees from all over the country.

Especially the barren or childless women come here travelling from far off places, pleading and offering prayers to reinstate their infertility and the presiding deity is believed to grant fertility to women seeking her refuge. The temple is therefore popularly known as the’ Temple of the goddess of fulfilment’. Keep scrolling to know more about the prehistoric temple.

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Location Of Kalyanehswari Temple

One of the popular most and holy sightseeing spots of Asansol, Kalyaneshwari Temple is situated on the banks of the mighty River Baraker. It is about 5 kilometres downstream from Maithon Dam of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC)  which outlines the West Bengal-Jharkhand border.

The place is about 20 km from Asansol and about 7 kilometres from Baraker Town on the Old Grand Trunk Road and about 1 kilometre off the NH2. Regular bus services are available from Asansol, Durgapur and Dhanbad to this place of worship.

Kalyaneshwari Temple, Bardhaman
Kalyaneshwari Temple, Bardhaman

History and Story Of Kalyaneshwari Temple

According to history, the Kalyaneshwari temple was built in the 3rd century by the king of Panchkot. It is believed that the foremost structure of this Hindu temple was originally constructed by Maharaja Hari Gupt who was fleeing from the Kushanas in the 3rd century AD. However, the old temple started getting ruined. Later, some five centuries back it was renovated by the king of Panchkot which took him nearly five years to restore the temple completely.

Various Myths And Believes Associated With Kalyaneshwari Temple

Various myths and legends revolve around the actual origin of this temple. Some believe that the temple was constructed on the site where one of the body parts of Goddess Parvati fell when it was slashed into pieces by Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra while anguished Lord Shiva was carrying her on his shoulder.

Another legend says that once there had been a delay in offering food to the goddess by a priest who used to worship the goddess and perform puja on a regular basis in the temple. The priest left his daughter in the temple and kept some rituals incomplete in order to arrange the Bhog or the Prasad and after his return the priest found the goddess has killed his daughter and accepted to take her as a sacrifice.

The grief-stricken and shocked priest condemned the deity for her thoughtlessness towards his sincere dedication. Realizing the truth, the goddess apologized for her mistake and blessed the priest with another child. It is said that from that time onwards the goddess also promised to bless all the unfruitful ladies who visit this place of worship with their prayers, great devotion and pious mind.

Kalyaneshwari Temple, Asansol, West Bengal
Kalyaneshwari Temple, Asansol, West Bengal

Besides this story, some other historical legends also say that this temple was the dwelling place of dacoits in the dense forest. Several years back, those dacoits used to kill humans and offer them to the Goddess as a form of sacrifice.  

Custom And Rituals Of Kalyaneshwari Temple

In the remote past rumours had been widespread among the local people that human sacrifices were offered in this temple. However, there is no justified evidence of such rumours. But it is a true fact that to date animal sacrifice particularly that of the goat is offered by the devotees once their wishes are fulfilled or for the welfare of the family to the ‘Goddess of Fulfilment’.

The villagers strictly observe the sacred ritual of offering animal sacrifice (goat) before or on the day of their son’s or daughter’s marriage without fail to seek the blessings for their child in return.

Kalyaneshwari Shakti Pitha
Kalyaneshwari Shakti Pitha

Places To Visit Near Kalyaneshwari Temple

At present day, the temple is not too old. The location is surrounded by the most picturesque areas packed with the river and dense forests all around. The temple as well as the overall surrounding premises are well maintained and are kept clean and hygienic.

For offering Puja, there are a  good number of shops and stalls outside the temple gate from where the devotees can purchase all their essentials. Restaurants and food stalls outside the temple offers quality food for their visitors. 

Besides the holy nature of the place, it is also a very good sightseeing tourist spot. One can visit the famous Maithon Dam that is very close to the road that leads to the Kalyaneshwari temple.

The name “Maithon” is derived from Maithan or commonly known as Mai-Ka-Than (in Hindi) and in Bengali, popularly known as ‘Maa-Er-Than’. The term “sthan” has transformed to “than” due to local pronunciation, which refers to ‘place’. The ‘than’ or place of Mai or Ma or mother, refers to Maa Kalyaneshwari of the famous Kalyaneshwari temple which exists gracefully in the foothill of Maithon Hill.  

Maithon Dam
Maithon Dam

The famous Maithon Dam is only a 10 minutes journey from the temple location which is a remarkable place to visit with family and friends while residing in Asansol. During the peak seasons, the area is crowded with a huge gang of picnic lovers. It is visited by thousands of tourists all year-round. People who stay in nearby locations visit the temple on a regular basis.

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Not so congested but famous for its magical power, this famous Shakti pith, the  Kalyaneshwari Temple is a must see for all the devotees of Kali Maa. A place of pilgrimage devoted to the ‘Lady of Fulfilment’ as well as an area embraced with mesmerising scenic views of the Dam, the place is worth visiting every time if one gets an opportunity to go for a trip.


What is the distance of Maithon Dam from Kalyaneshwari temple?

Maithon dam lies on the border of Jharkhand and West Bengal having its banks in both states. So, if you are travelling to the bank that lies in Jharkhand, it is 25.8 KM via NH19 which takes approx 1 hour to reach the dam. However, the temple lies on the bank of Maithon Dam that falls on West Bengal.

What is the nearest railway station to Kalyaneshwari temple?

The nearest railway station to Kalyaneshwari temple is Dhanbad Junction (Station Code: DHN), located at a distance of 46.5 KM.

On the bank of which river the Kalyaneshwari temple is located?

Kalyaneshwari temple is located on the bank of river Barakar

What is the distance of Asansol to Kalyanehswari temple?

The distance of Asansol to Kalyaneshwari temple is 20.1 km via NH19.

What is the timings of Kalyaneshwari temple?

The timings of Kalyaneshwari temple is 6 AM to 8 PM.

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