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Like one legend said “There is nothing like the unplanned trips”, but with some basic planning a trip can be a lifelong experience.

Planning a trip can be a headache job if you don’t have earlier experience and don’t know exactly where to start from and what are the things to consider. So today I am going to reveal our secret formula for the perfect trips.

Well there are three types of tour planning style for us,

  • Day trip or Road trip
  • Multi day short Trip ( revolves around 2-3 days at most )
  • Big Tour  ( we don’t plan for the larger than life family trip plans , for those we solely give the responsibility on the family heads; rest in better hands ) ,


By snatching some time from our busy life schedule we could mostly afford 3 day trips.  A Day tour or road trip takes 24 hour hardly.

Here I will let you know about planning of day tour and Multi day short tours , and maybe in near future we would get our family head to write for big tour planning , until then bear with us.

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Partha Roy

A Software Engineer who loves to travel, born and brought up in Kolkata, Ex-VITian, pet-lover, Reader.

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