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Sadni Falls Gumla

Sadni waterfalls or Sadnighagh waterfalls was a hub of diamond mines in India. The fall was a depository of some of the rare and well-known diamonds. During ancient times, India produced all types of diamonds and was the only country where diamonds were mined, until the discovery of diamonds in Brazil. Know more about the timings, stays, best time to visit, tips, weather, etc.


Where is Sadni Falls located?

Sadni Falls is located in the Gumla district of Jharkhand. Gumla was earlier known as ‘Gawmela’, which means a ‘Fair of Cows’, where ‘Gaw’ means ‘Cow’ and ‘Mela’ means ‘Fair’.

Gumla was a hub of the barter system during ancient times. Many traders used to visit Gumla for the exchange of goods and animals, and it was a sort of Barter Fair. Among all goods and services, cows were one of the major exchanged animals and therefore, it got its name as Gawmela. Later it was changed into Gumla.

Gumla is also considered as the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and is also mentioned in Ramayan.

Why is Sadni Falls famous?

Sadni fall had diamond deposits during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The diamond mines near the falls used to produce some of the fine and large diamonds. At present, the district of Gumla has 23 bauxite mines and 68 stone mines.

The fall resembles a snake sliding down the hills and is a beautiful picnic spot in the state of Jharkhand.

What is the height of the Sadni Falls?

The height of Sadni falls is 200ft.

From which river Sadni Falls originates?

Sadni Falls originates from River Sankh. The Sankh river flows through the states of Jharkhand, Odisha, and Chattisgarh and later meets with river Koel in Odisha.

Weather at Sadni Falls

Sub Tropical climate prevails in Sandi falls and the entire area. Summers range from the month of March to June with the temperature ranging between 30 to 45-degree centigrade. The hottest months are April and May. The rainy season begins in the month of July and continues till the month of September, with an average rainfall level of 1,150 mm. The winter season ranges between November to February with the temperature dropping as low as 5 to 10 degrees centigrades. The coldest months are December and January.

Best time to visit Sadni Falls

The best time to visit Sadni Falls is during monsoon or during the winter. In the monsoon months of September and August, the water level is at its all-time high which makes the falls look magnificent. The month of winter i.e, November to February is the best time for a picnic.

Is Sadni Falls a good place for a picnic?

Sadni Falls is a perfect place for a picnic. The fall has a mind-blowing backdrop, surrounded by hills, forests, and streams which makes it an ideal picnic corner.

Which is the nearest town from Sadni Falls?

Netarhat, the ‘Queen of Chotanagpur’ is the nearest town from Sadni Falls.

The distance of Sadni Falls from Netarhat

  • 28.6 km via Link Rd and Bhusar Ghaghara Rd.
Sadni Falls Gumla - Tripinfi
Sadnighagh Falls, Gumla

Which is the nearest railway station from Sadni Falls?

The nearest railway station is Lohardaga (Station Code: LAD), located at a distance of 94.6 km via NH143A and Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.

The nearest Junction is Barwadih Junction (Station Code: BRWD), located at a distance of 105.7 km via Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.

Which is the nearest airport from Sadni Falls?

Birsa Munda Airport at Ranchi is the nearest airport from Sadni falls, located at a distance of 158.4 km via Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.

What is the ticket price at Sadni Falls?

The entry to Sadni Falls is free.

What is the timing of the Sadni Falls?

Sadni Falls is open for 24 hours. There is no time limit as such but avoid going to the fall after sunset as it is located in an isolated place.

How to reach Sadni Fall from Kolkata?

By Rail

There are no direct trains between Howrah Junction and the nearest station Lohardaga. So, you can board a train from Howrah Junction to Ranchi Junction and then board another train from Ranchi Junction to Lohardaga which is a one and a half hours journey. After getting down at Lohardaga book a cab to Sadni Falls.

The distance between Lohardaga Railway Station to Sadni Falls.

  • 94.6 km via NH143A and Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.

Another route will be to board a train from Howrah Junction to Barwadih Junction. It is a 12 hrs to 15 hrs journey. Take a cab or auto from Barwadi to Sadni Falls.

The distance between Barwadi Junction to Sadni Falls

  • 105.7 km via Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.

By road

You can self-drive from Kolkata to Sadni falls or book a rental cab from Kolkata.

The distance between Kolkata to Sadni Falls

  • 572.2 km via NH19.
  • 560.7 km via NH43.

By air

Take a flight from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata to Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi. It takes approx one to one and a half hours to reach Ranchi by air. After reaching take a cab from the airport to Sadni Falls.

The distance between Birsa Munda Airport and Sadni Falls

  • 158.4 km via Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.
  • 185.8 km via Gumla – Khunti – Ranchi Rd and Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.

Is Sadni Falls safe for tourists?

Sadni Falls is very much safe for tourists. However, the following tips will help you to have a safe and sound visit.

Tips for visiting Sadni Fall

  • As the fall is located at a distance from the city, it becomes isolated after 4 pm, therefore, avoid visiting the fall after sunset.
  • Avoid visiting the fall alone, always be in a group.
  • The safest time to visit is between 6 am to 4 pm.
  • It is much safer to visit the fall during the peak season, i.e December to February.
  • Carry water bottles, medicines, snacks, and other refreshments along.

Where to stay while visiting Sadni Fall?

One can stay in Netarhat which is the nearest town from the fall. Netarhat is the hill station of Jharkhand and has some amazing places to visit. The town has budget hotels and lodges.

Places to visit near Sadni Falls

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