Shivanasamudra – The twin waterfalls

Four years ago, when I used to stay in Bangalore, I went on a road trip to Barachukki Falls with few of my friends. We were seven people and so we decided to book a SUV. Barachukki falls is 128.4km from Bangalore. One can also go to Bharachukki falls from Mysore. The distance is comparatively less; it is only 70.9kms.

Shivanasamudra falls is based on the Kaveri river. Shivanasamudra, the island town divides the Kaveri river into twin waterfalls; the left segment is called Gaganachukki whereas the right segment is called Bharachukki. The height of the falls is approximately 322 feet.


We started our journey at 6 am from Bangalore and reached there by 8 30 am. The view of the falls was amazing from the top; it was at its best. Then we had to walk down few steps to reach the falls.

After reaching near the falls we could not resist but jump into the water. The water was cold and refreshing. We played and enjoyed a lot in the water. Then we found coracle boats there. We took the boats and went for a ride. Coracle boats are round shaped boats in which only four people can sit along with the boatman. It was thrilling but was scary too. They took the boats near to the fall. It was an amazing feeling.


We enjoyed there for three to four hours and returned to Bangalore completely exhausted. I would like to give a suggestion that it will be better if you carry your own water bottles and foods with you. One can visit both of the falls in one day. I would suggest it would be better to go to Gaganachukki first and then to Bharachukki. Bharachukki is few kilometers away from Gaganachukki. It is in the south-west of Gaganachukki.

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Monalisa Bose Roy

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