An Ultimate List Of Tribal Souvenirs To Buy In Jharkhand

Tribal souvenir

Jharkhand is known as the ‘land of forest or the land of bushland’. The majority of the state is covered in forest, as a result, is rich in natural resources. The tribal communities residing in Jharkhand worship nature and lead a simple life. The tribes use natural resources and make handmade items for their livelihood since ancient times. The art and craft of Jharkhand were later discovered by others and were adored. So, if you are visiting Jharkhand, here is a list of items you must buy.


List Of Famous Things To Buy From Jharkhand

Paitkar Paintings

Paitkar painting is one of the oldest folk paintings of India, mostly found in the East Singhbhum district of the state of Jharkhand. The name of the painting is derived from the words ‘Pata’ which means a ‘scroll’ and ‘Kar’ which means ‘artist’. Paitkar paintings are painted on scrolls and generally have a theme of nature, the tribal culture, and the traditions of Jharkhand. The colors used in the paintings are natural, prepared from various flowers, plants, and natural resources found in the region.

Paitkar Paintings - Tripinfi
Paitkar Paintings

The tribal community which creates the paintings are given the title of ‘Paitkar’. The community has also been given the title of ‘Chitrakar’ which means ‘an artist or a painter’, which they generally use as a surname. The chitrakar community resides in Amadubi village of Jamshedpur.

The village has been turned into a rural tourism center, by the Department of Tourism, Jharkhand.

Jadupatua / Jadopatia Paintings

Jadupatua Paintings also spelled as Jadopatia is another folk painting found in Jharkhand. The paintings are prepared by the Santhal tribal community of Jharkhand. The word ‘Jadu or Jado’ is a Santhali word which means ‘an artist’ and ‘Pat or Pata’ means a ‘scroll’. Jadupatua is also pained on a scroll with natural colors extracted from flowers, leaves, plants, and trees found in the region. The paintings have a theme of life after death.

Jadupatua / Jadopatia Paintings - Tripinfi
Jadupatua / Jadopatia Paintings

Jadupatua paintings have a mention in Kautilya’s Arthashastra as Yama Patta. The Santhal community which paints the Jadopatia paintings resides in Nawasar Village in Dumka district of Jharkhand.

Khovar and Sohrai Paintings

Khovar and Sohrai Paintings were usually painted by the tribes to decorate walls but after people came to know about such fine art and showed their interest in acquiring them, the tribal community started painting them on handmade papers and canvasses. The Santhal, Munda, Oraon, Prajapati, and Khurmi are the tribal communities that are associated with Khovar and Sohrai paintings.

Khovar Painting - Tripinfi
Khovar Painting

Khovar is painted during marriages to decorate the walls of marriage halls and Sohrai is painted to decorate house walls during winter harvest by the tribes. The Khovar and Sohrai paintings usually depict peacocks, sparrows, squirrels, and cows. Khovar painting is also known as Comb-cut paintings.

Shorai Painting - Tripinfi
Shorai Painting

The tribal community uses natural colors extracted from flowers, leaves, plants, soils, etc and paint it with twigs, fingers, combs, sticks, and clothes. The community of Khovar and Sohrai painters resides in Jorakath and Bhelwara village in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand.

Terracotta Crafts and Tribal Jewellery

Jharkhand is famous for Terracotta crafts. Maluti Temples located in the Dumka district of Jharkhand has a series of 72 temples made up of Terracotta.

Terracotta Crafts - Tripinfi
Terracotta Crafts

Terracotta is ceramic pottery made by baking red clay by the Kumhar or the potter community. The kumhars make house decorative items like vases, kettles, cup sets, liquor pots, masks, lamps, water jars, animal statues, etc. The clay models are decorated with beautiful colors that brighten the rooms. Black Terracotta is rare and highly in demand, which can also be found in Jharkhand.

 Terracotta Tribal Jewellery - Tripinfi
Terracotta Tribal Jewellery

The women potters make amazing terracotta tribal pieces of jewelry that are elegant and classy. The kumhar community is mainly found in the Ichak village of Hazaribagh district.

Dhokra Crafts and Tribal Jewellery

Dhokra is a metal craft made with copper, bronze, or zinc using the ‘lost wax casting’. Dhokra crafts are made by the Rana tribal community of Jharkhand.

Dhokra Crafts - Tripinfi
Dhokra Crafts

During the process of making a Dhokra craft, first, a model is made with clay and after it dries up, it is coated with wax. Many layers of clay are coated hereafter, till the model becomes thick and hard. After that, the model is heated so that the wax melts. Later the molten copper and bronze are poured into the clay model and are left for it to take the shape. Once the molten metal cools down and dries up, the clay model is broken off to extract the metal model. The clay model is broken at the end and therefore no two Dhokra craft pieces can look the same. The last step involves polishing and coloring the metal model.

 Dhokra Tribal Jewellery  - Tripinfi
Dhokra Tribal Jewellery

The metalsmith creates many different home decor items such as wall hangings and decors, metal statues, masks, different showpieces, etc. The women metalsmith makes tribal pieces of jewelry using Dhokra crafts.

Dhokra craftsman prevails in Hazaribagh, Khunti, East Singhbhum, Ramgarh, and Dumka districts of Jharkhand. The Handloom, Sericulture, and Handicraft, Department of Industry, Government of Jharkhand, in associations with Kalamandir Jamshedpur and Jharkhand Silk Textile & Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd (Jharcraft) has taken the initiative to promote Dokra crafts and extend full support to Dokra craftsman.

Bamboo Crafts and Tribal Jewellery

India is the second-largest producer of Bamboo in the world and Jharkhand is one of the main contributors. Tribes in Jharkhand for ages have made houses, baskets, vase, boats, and other items of daily needs using bamboos.

Bamboo Crafts - Tripinfi
Bamboo Crafts

The bamboo crafts include sofa sets, beds, swings, house decor items such as Incense sticks, vases, shelves, showpieces, mats, pen holders, baskets, etc. Jewelry is also made using bamboos which give a graceful tribal touch.

Bamboo Tribal Jewelry - Tripinfi
Bamboo Tribal Jewellery

Stone Crafts

Stone carving is another traditional craft of Jharkhand. Stone carving is done by beating and cutting stones to give them shapes. Sculptures and other decor items are made using stones.

Stone Crafts -Tripinfi
Stone Crafts

Wooden Crafts and Musical Instruments

Jharkhand is covered with forest and therefore the tribal people made household items and musical instruments since ancient times. Dhol, Mandar, Bansuri, Sarangi, and Kartal are musical instruments used by tribal people of Jharkhand to perform their folk music and therefore one will get the best quality of these instruments in Jharkhand.

Wooden Crafts - Tripinfi
Wooden Crafts

Some other wooden items one can buy from Jharkhand are wooden cutlery, showpieces, wall hangings and decors, boxes, cloth stands, and other house decor items.

 Wooden Musical Instruments - Tripinfi
Wooden Musical Instruments

Grass Crafts

The tribal community also produces handicrafts made of Sikki grass such as fruit baskets, mats, showpieces, containers, laundry baskets, and other house decor items.

Grass Crafts - Tripinfi
Grass Crafts

Jute Craft

Jute crafts in Jharkhand are also popular. Handbags, hats, mats, home decor items, are some of the jute products made by the tribal community. Jute products are in demand because they are cheap. It is also known as ‘golden fiber’ because of its versatile nature.

Jute Craft - Tripinfi
Jute Craft


Handia is a type of rice beer and is the traditional alcohol of Jharkhand. It is made by adding different herbs to boiled rice and is left to ferment. The preparation is usually done in Handi, a deep wide mouth cooking vessel and therefore it is called Handia.

Handia - Tripinfi


Dhuska or Dhooska is the most popular food in Jharkhand. It is generally consumed as a snack in the state. A batter with rice flour, black lentils, chickpea, and spices is prepared which is fried deeply. It is served hot with Ghugni, a curry made with Black Chickpea.

Dhuska - Tripinfi


Rugra is a kind of mushroom that is very rare and is found only in the state of Jharkhand. It grows naturally during the monsoon in the dense forest of oak and sal. Rugra mushrooms are costly than other mushrooms. It cost nearly 150 to 200 Rs per Kg.


Rugra is of two types, one is brown in color which is known as Chandan Rugra and the other type is white in color.

Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots of many bamboo species are edible. It is one of the main cuisines of Jharkhand. The local people prepare many dishes with bamboo shoots like curries, pickles, salads. The dishes made with bamboo shoots are not only delicious but also filled with nutritions.

Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo Shoots

Arsa Roti

Arsa Roti is a sweet dish prepared by the locals during marriages. The dish is prepared with rice flour, jaggery, and sugar. It is a tradition of Jharkhand that both the families of the bride and groom will offer Arsa roti to each other.

Arsa Roti
Arsa Roti


Mahua is a tree found in the states of Odisha, Chhattisgarh,  Jharkhand,  Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh,  Kerala, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu.


The flower of the tress is edible and is consumed by the tribal people of Jharkhand. The ripe flowers are eaten as fruits and the unripe ones are used to make curries.

Mahua Daru

Mahua is also used to make alcohol and is another traditional drink of Jharkhand. The alcohol is prepared by the tribal people and is mainly consumed in the summer season. It helps in keeping the body cool and secure from the loo, a warm dusty wind that blows in the summer season in the Northern parts of India.


Dudhauri is a traditional dessert of Jharkhand and is prepared during festivals. The dish is also prepared to celebrate the harvest of rice. It is a sweet dish made with milk, sugar, and rice.


Marwa Roti

Ragi is known as Marwa in Jharkhand and Bihar. The roti is black in color and is served with meat. Ragi is healthy as it is gluten-free and is consumed as lunch or dinner in the state.

Marwa Roti
Marwa Roti


Tilkut is a sweet dish of both Jharkhand and Bihar. The dish is prepared specially during Makar Sankranti and is made up of Jaggery, sesame seeds, and sugar. Tilkut are of three types, made up of refined sugar which is white in color, made with unrefined sugar which is light brown in color and made with jaggery which is dark brown in color.



Malpua is a most cherished dessert of Jharkhand. It is also well known in the state of West Bengal, Odisha, and Bihar. The dish is prepared with ripe banana, coconut, flour, and milk. Malpua can be both dry or dip in sugar syrup.


From Where To Buy Jharkhand’s Art and Craft In India?

The best places to buy Art and Craft in India is from the Emporiums of Jharkhand Silk Textile and Handicraft Development Corporation, also known as Jharcraft. It is an undertaking of the Government of Jharkhand and was established to promote Sericulture, Handloom, Handicraft, and other activities to help the tribal people with their livelihood. Here are the address and contact details of Jharcraft stores located in India.


  • Jharcraft Megastore, Annapurna Building, Main Road Ranchi, Near Overbridge. RANCHI -834001. Contact: +91-9771458151.
  • Jharcraft Emporium, Birsa Munda Airport, Airport Road, Khokambatoli, Hinoo RANCHI -834002. Contact: +91-8294534471.


  • Jharcraft Emporium, Near Siddhu Kanhu High School, Thana Road, Dumka. 814101 JHARKHAND. Contact: +91-9470101114.


  • Jharcraft Emporium, Unit No.- 202, Ozone Galleria Saraidhela, Dhanbad – 826001. Contact: +91-7781018284.


  • Jharcraft Emporium, Urban Haat, Homeguard Training Center, Hazaribagh. Contact: +91-9334682296, +91-8651426433.

New Delhi

  • Jharcraft Emporium, Shop No. 141, Bikaji Cama Place, August Kranti Bhawan. Contact: +91-9560963008.


  • Jharcraft Emporium, 47 St. John Road, Near Commercial Street, BANGALORE – 560042. Contact: +91-9916713667, 08025306881.


  • Jharcraft Emporium, 3D, Camac Street, KOLKATA-16. Contact: +91-8017541920.
  • Jharcraft Emporium, Mullick’s Service Centre, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LTD. Narendrapur, KOLKATA – 103. Contact: +91-9831160734.
  • Jharcraft Emporium, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LTD., Debi Service Station 362, SNC BOSS Road Naktala, KOLKATA. Contact: +91-9831160734.


  • Jharcraft Rural Mart, Lapung, Shirdi Sai Gram Vikash Kendra, Sarsa, P.O. – Deogaon, Block – Lapung.


  • Jharcraft Rural Mart, Kharsawa, Agra Pariyojna Kendra, KHARSAWA.

Which are the popular malls in Jharkhand for shopping?

The best malls in Jharkhand for shopping are

  • P&M Hi-Tech City Centre Mall, Jamshedpur
  • The Ozone Galleria Mall, Dhanbad
  • The Bokaro Mall, Bokaro
  • Nucleus Mall, Ranchi
  • JD Hi Street Mall, Ranchi
  • Spring City Mall, Ranchi

Best local market in Jharkhand for shopping?

The best local markets in Jharkhand are

  • Sakchi Market, Jamshedpur
  • Bistupur Market, Jamshedpur
  • Basanti Market, Ranchi
  • Kurmidih Market, Bokaro
  • Rajendra Market, Dhanbad
  • BM Market, Hazaribagh

Can we buy Jharkhand Art and Craft Online?

Jharkhand Art and Crafts are available online. Here is a list of shopping sites

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