7 Things to Expect on a Tanzanian Safari

Wildlife at Tanzanian Safari

Tanzanian safari is in the bucket list of every adventure seeker. It offers one of the best safari adventures in the world. With mesmerizing landscapes and rich flora and fauna, this safari adventure will stay with you for long. If you are planning to visit Tanzania for a safari adventure, then you can expect some unexpected things. 

Things to Expect on a Tanzanian Safari

1. Wildlife Escapades and Animal Sounds 

Tanzania is known for its diversity of wildlife adventures. You can randomly find herds of animals like zebras, hippos, hyenas, and lions. In fact, at any hour of the day or night, you’ll be able to hear different animal sounds. 

Though, the spotting of animals is not gameplay in Tanzania. You’ll have to figure out the right ways to spot animals. With the help of local tour guides and rangers, you’ll know where is the real action. 

Also, if you have opted for a stay near the safari adventure, you’ll have complete protection. Just enjoy the amazing wildlife escapades and have a thrilling time. 

2. Long Driving Hours 

Once you set out for an adventure in Tanzania, you can expect long driving hours. Since each park and game reserve is huge, it’ll take time searching for a multitude of animals. You may have to spend 4 to five hours in the safari vehicle. Also, as most animals are active before sunrise, you’ll have to start your day early on the drive. 

It can take hours spotting cheetah, lion or wildebeest migration, so you need to have the patience while at a safari drive. The hours can be long, but the patience will pay off. 

3. The Weather Conditions 

Tanzania has two main seasons namely wet and dry. But, you can expect unpredictable weather conditions on your Tanzanian safari. It may be sunny for most days, but suddenly it can be rainy. Rains can continue for a week or at times stop in five minutes. Some days can be darn cold especially in the morning. And, some days you might feel hot and humid. 

So, the weather can be quite erratic on a Tanzanian safari. It’s advisable to carry a hat and some warm clothes when you set for the safari. 

4. No Network Coverage 

Most remote camps and places in Tanzania have zero network coverage. So you can expect zero internet coverage and at times no phone coverage as well. But, most camps in Tanzania also offer WiFi services in safari camps. You can connect to in-house WiFi services if you need a network in an emergency. 

Small tasks such as uploading a picture on social media can be done using the WiFi facility. But, you can’t expect full bandwidth support to watch a movie when you stay in these camps. 

5. Great Accommodations

Wildlife at Tanzanian Safari

The local lodges, tented camps and glamping options in the Serengeti are perfect. The rooms are so beautifully decorated, you won’t feel that you are staying near wildlife parks

There are food options near the lodges as well that offer you mouth-watering food. If you want to experience a complete safari adventure fun, then you ought to make a prior booking. Safari adventures from real locations are even more thrilling. 

6. Exemplary Safari Moments

Keeping high expectations on your safari ride can go against you as you may or may not spot the animals you want to see. But, contrary to this, there may be many exemplary safari moments when you’ll catch a sight of animals you don’t expect. 

If you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to spot all the wildebeests together. Unexpected moments can also up your thrill factor on a Tanzanian safari. 

7. Close to Nature and Raw Adventure

The amazing sounds of nature and the glistening stars at night, you can expect all things close to nature. The beauty of nature is truly captivating, and a visit to Tanzania safari will let you experience nature in its raw form. 

To sum up,

During your safari rides and game drives, you’ll experience many adventurous things and that will give you an adrenaline rush. Tanzanian safari offers an offbeat safari adventure so you must plan a trip to this fab place to expect the unexpected.

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