The Mystery And History Of Tuti Jharna Mandir (Temple), Ramgarh

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Lord Shiva is a very significant deity among the Hindus. He is known as ‘The Destroyer’ in the Hindu mythology. We have often heard stories about the miracles he could perform, but our naive self hardly has seen any. But what if you could see one such miracle right in front of your eyes? Yes, you read it right.

Ramgarh district of Jharkhand is blessed with one such temple, where the miracle happens every day.

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The Mystery Of Tuti Jharna Temple

Tuti Jharna Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is a temple in Bongabar, a village in Mandu block in the Ramgarh district of Jharkhand where it is believed that Goddess Ganga herself pour water on the Shivalinga. And the most interesting thing is the water, runs down the Shivalinga, for twenty-four seven.

The History of Tuti Jharna Temple

It all started in the year 1925 when the Britishers were installing railway lines in this area. The workmen were digging the land for water, and suddenly they could see a dome appearing from underneath. The Britishers were surprised and to know more about the dome, they instructed the workmen to completely dig the ground.

After digging out completely, the Britishers found it to be a temple with a Shivlinga installed. But they were more surprised to see an Idol of Goddess Ganga, right above the Shivlinga from where water was coming out continuously.

The water was running down the navel of the Goddess and was falling on the Shivlinga through both her hands as if the idol of the Goddess was pouring the water on the Shivlinga.

Tuti Jharna Shivlinga
Tuti Jharna Shivlinga

Surprisingly, the water still flows through the idol of Goddess Ganga and has never stopped for once since then. The two handpumps found within the temple complex are also filled with mystery. Water from both the handpumps flows automatically, without any break. To more surprise, a river flows just beside the temple, which gets dried during the summer season, but the water in the temple never dries up. To date, no one has been able to track down the source of water in the temple.

Thousands of devotees visit the temple each year. It is believed that all the wishes of those who visit the temple are granted by the Lord.

Which is the nearest town from Tutti Jharna Temple?

The nearest town from Tuti Jharna Temple is Ramgarh.

The mystery behind Tuti Jharna Temple, Jharkhand
The mystery behind Tuti Jharna Temple, Jharkhand

The distance from Ramgarh to Tuti Jharna Temple is

  • 6.3 km via Ramgarh City Rd.
  • 7.6 km via SAIL IFICO Rd and Ramgarh City Rd.

Which is the nearest railway station from Tuti Jharna Temple?

The nearest station from Tuti Jharna is Ramgarh Cantonment (Station Code: RMT), located at a distance of 6.3 km via Ramgarh City Rd.

Which is the nearest airport from Tuti Jharna Temple?

Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi is the nearest airport from Tuti Jharna Temple, located at a distance of 62.5 km via NH20.

How to reach Tuti Jharna Temple from Kolkata?

By Rail

There are no direct trains between Howrah Junction and the nearest station Ramgarh Cantonment. So, you can board a train from Howrah Junction to Ranchi Junction and then board another train from Ranchi Junction to Ramgarh Cantonment which is a two hours journey. After getting down at Ramgarh book a cab or auto to Tuti Jharna Temple

The distance between Ramgarh Cantonment to Tuti Jharna Temple

  • 86.6 km via NH143A and Ghaghra – Netarhat Rd.

Or, after getting down at Ranchi Book a cab to Tuti Jharna Temple.

The distance between Ranchi Junction to Tuti Jharna Temple

  • 56.5 km via NH20.
  • 74.2 km via Kanke Patratu Rd/Ranchi Patratu Ramgarh Rd and Ranchi Patratu Ramgarh Rd.

By road

You can self-drive from Kolkata to Tuti Jharna Temple or book a rental cab from Kolkata

The distance between Kolkata to Tuti Jharna Temple

  • 396.6 km via NH19.
  • 405.7 km via AH1.

By air

Take a flight from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata to Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi. It takes approx one to one and a half hours to reach Ranchi by air. After reaching take a cab from the airport to Tuti Jharna Temple

The distance between Birsa Munda Airport to Tuti Jharna Temple

  • 62.5 km via NH20.
  • 86.6 km via Kanke – Ormanjhi Rd.
  • 80.7 km via Ranchi Patratu Ramgarh Rd.

Where to stay while visiting Tuti Jharna Temple?

The town of Ramgarh and the city of Ranchi, both have the luxury as well as budget hotels and lodges where one can stay while visiting Tutu Jharna Temple.

Places to visit near Tuti Jharna Temple

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