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Goa must sees and Goa,India travel tips

As it’s a dream for everyone to visit the most amazing place in India ,  so here we are providing Goa must sees and Goa,India travel tips to have a hassle free trip .

Goa,India travel tips

  • Before booking any packages (water sports or Cruise) check with different package providers; the prices may vary.
  • It is always better to book packages from Goa Tourism Development Corporation, A Government of Goa undertaking as the prices of packages are less comparatively.
  • For adventure sports be ready for what are you going to do and where you are doing , things like parasailing and scuba diving might be a new experience for some of the people so be double sure about the safety.
  • About going to Goa, most of the people from Bangalore , Mumbai , Hyderabad, Chennai prefers bus and that is the most cost efficient and easy choice however choosing money over comfort can be really painful, with our previous experience, we would suggest you to buy a Volvo Ac Sleeper bus for sure ( Guide to cheapest bus and flight booking ), as the road becomes very hard sometimes and it’s not at all comfortable at that time.
  • If you want to take a bike or scooty on rent, it is advisable to book it from your hotel. Do not book it online because there are high chances of frauds. It will not cost more than 700/- to 900/- per day. Also local bike rent services are there , which should be checked first thoroughly and while taking rent don’t forget to provide any personal information or documents without proper receipt.
  • For sight seeing you can book the buses or rental cars from your hotel. It will be flexible and also being local vehicles they doesn’t charge high amount as a renowned travel agency, so try to avoid online booking.
  • Carry waterproof sunscreen lotions (SPF 30+ and more) with you all the time. :p
  • Protect your Camera and mobiles from sea water. Always be handy with lens protectors for camera and keep check on the lens.
  • Casino’s are dream place bit don’t get too much into it. there are many Riches to Rugs stories associated with those.
  • Goa’s nightlife is very famous and very engaging . However you should know about the places before your night out as some of the beaches aren’t that much safe.

Goa must sees

Goa must sees


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