What to do if you miss police verification for passport in India – Personal Experience [ 2019 ]

what will happen if we miss police verification for passport

In this post I am going to share with you my experience when I missed police verification for passport, also through this post, you will learn what exactly you need to do if you were not present for police verification for passport.

Well, first of all, do not panic, there is no reason for being scared, it’s a common issue and a lot of people faced it including me. I know there’s a lot of people even myself who have thought of the question at least once after applying for passport, “what will happen if we miss police verification for passport?”. And quite surprisingly I got the answer to this by actually being in the situation.

So I had this passport application on 18th of June, 2019 in Bangalore and I had a trip planned to Kolkata from 20th June. I thought the police verification will happen next week, so before that, I will return, but to my surprise, I got a call from police on 22nd July for the verification of address. But I was supposed to come back on 26th July. Now I tried to convince them for keeping the verification on 27th but it was like 5 days gap so they didn’t agree and told me to contact the passport office after I return.

On 25th I got a SMS saying Police has submitted Adverse report for your current address.

SMS I got after police submitted adverse report for my current address

That was fine until I came back and got a letter from the passport office saying “Clarifications required regarding issuance of Passport facilities “, you can check the image of the letter below.

Letter sent to me regarding no show for the police verification for passport

One sentence in that letter was quite scary,

Please be informed that in case of non-response within the specified period, or a non-satisfactory response. you will be denied the passport against this or any future application unless cleared in appeal by the Consular, Passport & Visa Division or Court.

Excerpt from the letter

Honestly speaking I was little tensed, I tried to check in online if there is any guide for this situation but unfortunately there weren’t any telling exactly what to do. Then I went to the Regional Passport Office at Koramangala ( Bangalore ) and got to know the procedure. Please read the steps below to understand how to apply for police re-verification for passport,

Steps to do if you miss police verification for passport

For booking an appointment at Passport office for enquiry
Token generated at the enquiry token generation desk
  • Firstly check the date when the letter was sent, you can check the date in the top right portion of the letter content. From that date, you have 30 days to respond with suitable cause and reinitiate the verification process as it is stated in the letter.

  • Now Open your passport portal and go to the submitted applications. Now select the application of which you couldn’t attend the police verification. And now click Schedule Appointment for Enquiry at Passport Office. Then enter all the details and note down the Office where the appointment is being made also by default it selects the earliest date and you can also select any date of your convenience but remember it must be before 30 days from the letter date.

  • Take a printout of the enquiry appointment ( they accepts pdf opened in your phone also ) and visit the Regional Passport office, for me, it was the one in Koramangala. There will be an enquiry token generation counter, go there tell the issue and show the appointment copy printout or pdf opened in a phone, the person will scan it and provide you with a token and tell you to go to a specific waiting area.
  • After that go to the said place and wait for your number, when it comes, tell the officer about your condition. The officer will tell you to write down the reason for not showing up for the verification and go for another counter.
  • Write down the reason with your signature and date at the end and submit it to the said counter. The officer will scan it and hand you the paper and tell you to visit another counter.
  • When you go to the next counter the officer will ask you for your location and he will reinitialize the police verification process again. And that’s it, your job is done.
reason for no show at passport police verification
Reason for not being able to attend police verification

After some time you will receive an SMS saying a new police verification request is sent to the police.

SMS after successfully re-initiating the police verification process again

So this was the process if you can’t show up for passport police verification. I went through this same procedure in Bangalore, however, the process is mostly the same in all over India. Also if you have any questions please comment, we will be happy to resolve your queries.

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