Simpson Park Hazaribagh, Renamed As Zila Parishad Park


The Simpson Park that was inaugurated on June 14 is renamed as Zila Parishad Park by the district administration after facing wrath from the local residents and descendants of martyr freedom fighter Jai Mangal Pandey.

Many suggestions were made for remaining the park such as Gautam Buddha, teen martyr Subhas Barla, and Jai Mangal Pandey, nevertheless, it was named as Zila Parishad Park.

Captain Simpson was a British Deputy Commissioner who constructed a pond in 1856 which became a tourist attraction for its greenery and scenic beauty. The pond was renamed to Simpson pond by the people after the death of the commissioner.

However, it remained neglected for a long time until recently when a park was constructed around the pond and it was renovated.

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Zila Parishad Park, Hazaribagh

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